"Waizu" proud ramen

"Waizu" proud ramen


Cuisine that simultaneously enhances the inherent rich and sharp flavor that is at its focus

A large amount of pork bones, chicken bones, and kombu is used. The natural flavor of the ingredients outside of the marrow and meat are drawn out. And by often replacing the ingredients without cooking them together, it creates a rich and sharp flavor without any bitterness or unpleasant smells.


Waizu deluxe noodles jointly developed with Mikawaya Seimen

Through repeatedly going through trial and error, we finally arrived at Waizu deluxe noodles that we can accept. These are the most ideal noodles that pair well with a variety of soups.

Roasted pork fillet

In pursuit of texture and aroma

It uses exclusive cuts of flavorful red meat from Japan. High quality meat is carefully selected and stocked every day. By cooking it at a low temperature, it gives it a very tender and soft texture. The moment you take a bite, there is also a characteristic smokiness.


Aged Waizu deluxe soy sauce

A secret, flavorful soy-based sauce that is in no way inferior to rich soup.


Hand picked condiments

The natural flavor from the soup at this restaurant is not diminished even by adding condiments to the ramen, and they can even further enhance the flavor.

Other carefully selected ingredients

We strive to extract flavor from natural ingredients

Instead of using ingredients such as back fat that tend to more easily place a burden on your health, plenty of marrow and quality red meat is used, and the dashi is extracted from them.

How to eat delicious

For now, enjoy it with its flavor as is.
After eating half of it,
add a lot of raw garlic
with just a little pepper.
That will draw out the flavor even more.